Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Joining the blogger world

Well, here it is the end of another year and for some reason I have finally decided to join the blogger world. Maybe it's because a friend of mine started one and I liked it so much, or maybe it's because I like to write and it's winter and there is time. Whatever the reason I guess I will go with it and see where it leads.
That is always how some of the best times of my life have happened. I get a notion, a feeling and go with it. Most of the time it does me no wrong.
That was how I ended up in Canada from the US. On a business trip to Vancouver, my husband and I decided to take a ferry ride across to the Sunshine Coast. Well, it was love at first sight. We found a place up Jervis Inlet that is only accessible by boat (or float plane). It was to be a place of retirement, but after spending vacations and weekends up here it was just too special to stay away for long. (Check out the picture of Mt. Churchill to see what I mean).
So now we commute back and forth while we wait for the buracracy that is Immigration Canada to approve us as landed immigrants. Don't get me started! It is an endless maze that only they understand. And I don't think they really understand either. To be fair they are supremely understaffed. At least that is my impression. We received a letter from them early this spring saying they hoped to get to us soon as they were now processing papers from April 2003! Like that was an accomplishment since it was only 2006!
But how can I complain about the Canadian government when I come from the US?! At least the US voters got out there and made a statement this last November. I only hope that the Congress remembers and listens to the people. Somehow they seem to forget when the corporations and lobbyists wave all that money in front of them. So now you know why I say reflections from an expat.