Friday, May 7, 2010

The Joys of Waterfront Living

Usually it is paradise out here on the Inlet. But the other day a storm rolled in and after SE winds came over the mountain and threw the tops of the trees around, it changed to NW. That is trouble for us as the waves build and it slams into our dock.

The winds howled all night and when we got up in the morning the deck was littered with fir cones, branches and leaves. The dock ramp had broken loose at the top and the poor Expat, our boat, was damaged from hitting against the dock repeatedly.

The boat will have to be re-fiberglassed and the rubber trim replaced. Today a landing barge, The Inlet Raider, came in to lift the ramp and get it reattached. They also delivered our new wood stove which was great.

But as things can go wrong, they did. As they were leaving the Raider's prop caught on a submerged anchor rope. Not knowing this, they pulled away taking the dock with them. They stopped but not until the ramp was moved over and one of the stiff legs came off it's hinges! It took a while, the rope was disengaged from the prop and the ramp had to be realligned. We now have more work to do on the stiff leg.

The guys asked us if that was okay and I teasingly told them "That's all the damage I can afford today!" Everyone kept in good spirits and the guys went off to see the hockey game.

Not everything goes smoothly and you just gotta go with the flow.