Monday, April 21, 2008

Whales, hummingbirds and spring

After some more time spent south, I am back on the inlet for a bit. I know spring is supposed to be here, but it sure is cold. I am getting tired of hauling firewood and starting a fire each day. But the hummingbirds are here and I am filling two feeders each day. And that is my limit. These little guys can really suck up the sugar water and will consume as much as you are willing to put out for them! So two feeders a day is my limit. There are plenty of flowers beginning to bloom and they should be utilizing what Mother Nature provides, right? It is fun to watch them all (must have a dozen now) argue over the feeders right outside the windows though.

Just as demanding are the Stellars jays. These bossy birds are right there each morning demanding their scoop of seeds. So that is my morning routine, running around filling bird feeders as I drink my first cup of coffee. Then I sit back and enjoy the inlet while I drink my second cup. As the weather gets warmer, it will be from the deck, but right now it is still inside next to the fire.

Everyone was talking about the Humpback whale that was feeding on the krill in the Sechelt, Agammemon and Jervis inlets the last couple of weeks. Got lots of reports from people on the Egmont shoreline that saw it, but it seems it didn't make it up my way. My hubby and I even boated around one afternoon hoping to spot it. Too bad, I would have loved to have gotten a good picture.