Wednesday, November 19, 2008

US Elections & Fall

The long-awaited US elections are over and I am please that Barack Obama won. I am crossing my fingers that the campaign slogan "Change" will really mean something and not just be a slogan to get elected. The US is mired deeply in troubled waters and it is going to take a new view of things and the way they are done to get the country out of it.

I am already concerned as I keep hearing political appointees names that are associated with the old Clinton group. I am expecting some new people, hopefully unencumbered by past associations, lobby groups, etc. But for now, I am keeping an open mind and giving this guy a chance.

Meanwhile, I am very proud of the American voters, especially the young people. The spontaneous celebrations in the streets on election night really surprised me. There hasn't been that kind of positive political excitement since the '60's. Good for them, I hope he doesn't let them down.

Here on the inlet, we are getting ready for winter by cutting firewood, clearing the deck and putting away the outdoor furniture and moving in the tender plants. This is a beautiful fall. The colors on the trees are spectacular this year and since there haven't been any early wind storms, the leaves are remaining on the trees to enjoy for a good while.