Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NOT April Fools!

No, this isn't an April Fool's joke! I have re-entered the blogger world. What a long and cold winter this has been for us 'coasters'. A large part of this winter has been spent down in the US. Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Years was spent with family in Washington and Oregon. There was even a trip to Texas to visit friends and family. There we stayed at our friends cabin that overlooks a beautiful creek and waterfall. Meanwhile, back in BC, Little Egmont has had its share of winter storms. We even had to postpone our trip out of town for a day while they cleared the Egmont Rd. of downed trees and powerlines. Months later there is still tons of debris and downed trees all along the road. I don't think Egmonsters (that's what the locals call themselves) will have to worry about firewood for a few more winters!

This was one of many wind storms that took out the power for days. Thank goodness we have a generator and cell phone that works from where we are. People in town don't have cell phone service either, so when the power goes out they are really isolated.

We weren't without our problems with winter storms. It took me over an hour to boat home one afternoon because the snowfall left me in a complete white-out! It normally takes about 15-20 minutes to get to our place from Egmont. I just had to take it slow and hug the shoreline. Yes I also followed my compass, but it is so easy to get turned around out there. And no, I didn't have my GPS, I left it at home that day!!

While our 21 foot Parker boat was being worked on, we had the little 16 ft. runabout the Sea Sniper in use for our travels on the water. Another big wind storm and I woke to a boat hanging by its mooring lines on the dock! Tried to pump it out, but no luck. So there was a job for Putter and his land barge and crane. Everything was submerged, but luckily the top of the Yamaha outboard was still above water. We managed to get that flushed out and running again. Lost a lot of equipment and lifevests and other stuff. Just floated off into the inlet. As they say around here, "the 'chuck giveth and the 'chuck taketh away". Meanwhile, we have another project to restore the little Sea Sniper this summer.

Ah, summer, that will come around right?! Meanwhile, I would be happy with spring! It is still in the '30's here at night and there was snow and hail the other day. But the sun does come out occasionally and someone told me they saw their first hummingbird the other day. So I think I'll go look at a few gardening magazines and dream of warmer days to come.