Monday, February 15, 2010

Romance is in the air!

Valentine' Day. Jim and I had a quiet celebration at home. I made the traditional gift for him, a batch of homemade fudge that I present in a heart shaped pan. I bought the pan many years ago in Oregon from a bakery that was going out of business, sometime in the '70's. Since that time I have made Jim fudge and presented it to him in that pan.
But romance must really be in the air this year. We received a call from our youngest son, Mason, to wish us a happy Valentine's day and to let us know that he is engaged. My baby! He  placed his fiance's ring in a box of chocolates. How romantic.
But that is not all. Jim's sister, Sherry, called us to say her boyfriend proposed to her at the church. He knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him in front of the whole congregation! How romantic!
This is also my youngest brother and his wife's anniversary. They were married on Valentine's Day. Guess we are just a romantic family.
Love to everyone out there.