Monday, March 1, 2010

Tsunami Warnings and Gold Medals!

After the earthquake in Chili, tsunami warnings went out to the Pacific coastal countries. We got calls from friends, talked to Jim's sister who lives on the Washington coast and waited for the 3:15 pm expected hit. Nothing, nada. A ripple, maybe? If anything, later that evening, the water was as smooth as glass. Beautiful. We are protected here by Vancouver Island and Texada Island from the Pacific Ocean.

On Sunday, the Olympic hockey game did cause major tidal waves! Canada is estatic! After being bummed out for not "owning the podium", they are now too full of themselves.This expat, who just doesn't get hockey, is happy either way. US or Canada. In my mind they both did extremely well. Gold is good and silver ain't bad either.
Thanks to Duane Burnett for the flag design!