Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whistler, Zero Waste and the Sunshine Coast

A very busy week last week! Attended the Recycling Council of British Columbia conference in Whistler last week.
The trip started off with sightings of a variety of animals along the highway. Leaving Egmont we had what looked to be a barred owl fly out of the woods and land on a tree branch and watch us drive by. A short time later we slowed as 3 deer made their way alongside the highway. Later on the way up to Whistler, we saw two bears. One was trying to cross the busy highway. Hope he was okay. Did I take any pictures? No! But we did see them.
Stayed in a WorldMark condo with a super view from the balconey. But most of the time was spent at the conference in Whistler. Many excellent speakers on the environment, Zero Waste, etc. I was covering the conference for the online magazine I edit, So check it out for stories and information from the conference coming up in the next issue.
                                                                                       Richard & Jim "Two Old Farts with Ponytails"
There was another Zero Waste workshop on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend sponsored by the group SuCESS. Great speakers and it was an excellent learning experience for many attendees. One of the founders of the Zero Waste International Alliance, Richard Anthony, was the featured speaker. We hosted him for a couple of nights at our place. What a super person. He has been an activist since the '60's and it was fun re-telling stories from "back in the day".
With his guidance we hope to bring the Sunshine Coast to Zero Waste by 2020 or sooner. He is a wealth of information, ideas and energy. He travels all over the world helping other communities realize this Zero Waste goal. Visit his websites: or
Now it is time to get ready for the annual Egmont Day celebration this Saturday. Please no more rain!