Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back in Egmont

Well, we finally made it back to BC! The usual cramped plane ride back to Seattle. The next morning our car wouldn't start. Had to have it towed to the GM dealer and the fuel pump replaced. Did you know that the fuel pump in a Yukon is in the gas tank?! After all day in the dealer's lounge (thank goodness we had our computer) and the cost of more than our trip, we got back on the road to Bellingham around 4 pm.
I had reserved us a 2 bedroom at the WorldMark in Birch Bay so Mason and Krystal could join us. So we spent two days there and had a very nice visit with the kids.
It was nice to get back to Egmont and the Inlet. The weather hadn't improved that much however. Still cold and rainy, but some sunshine to encourage us.

Then the big storm hit on Friday, April 2. We were having an event at the hall when the electricity went out. No clam chowder for the guests. I boated home in very choppy waters until I got around Egmont Point. Jim and friends Laurie and Rick were listening on the marine radio in case I needed help. Once around the point it was fine. Got home just at dark.

Back to Egmont the next day for the Easter Hat Tea. Everyone dressed warm as the electricity was still out in Egmont, so there was no heat. But we had a good time and many people wore decorated hats. This is such a fun, traditional event in Egmont.