Thursday, October 1, 2009

There be whales!

The evenings are getting chilly and we are needing to start a fire in the evening to warm up the house. Lots of the fall critters are returning to the point, including the black-capped chickadees, the jays, the gulls and the blue heron is hanging around again. But the recent sighting of a humpbacked whale this week is the most exciting!

The other evening I heard a loud "blow" of air and knew it was not a seal or sea lion. Way too loud. I stepped out on the balcony and there was a large whale diving right in front of the house. Too cool. It has returned for a couple of evenings and this time Jim and I were able to see it dive and flap its tail. No pictures however. Just happens too fast. Although now I am looking at around 6 pm as that is when it seems to show up.

Boating friends were up the inlet and said they saw the whale too. It is quite large probably 40'.

Here are some pictures from the Internet that duplicate what we saw.