Friday, October 29, 2010

Community Projects Completed!

Been a busy summer and I am happy to report that two major  community projects I have been working on are completed!

Arnie with Bella and Ali carrying eagle w
Frog face on whale tail

The new 24 ft. pole at the Centre is fantastic. Arnie did a wonderful job. Two seasons of carving a cedar log donated by the Sechelt Community Forest. Arnie's clan is the frog. So he has carved three frogs in his memorial pole.  The pole is centered at the entrance to the museum and will have a native plant garden surrounding it.
Arnie painting killer whale

me, Arnie, Jess and Sonja

The Egmont Community Club Hall - hall foundation and renovation

New cedar shake porch roof. New porch comes later!
This has been a long process for the community. Started raising funds five years ago. Lots of raffles and other fund raising projects raised over $50,000 from the community. Grants from Heritage Legacy Fund $25,000 and Jervis Inlet fund / SCRD another $25,000. We have a perimeter, cement foundation now, a basement room that will become our Thrift Store and restored old windows and a new porch cedar shake roof. Whew! Now will enter Phase II - paint inside and out, kitchen reno, heater, and moving Thrift Store downstairs. More fundraising!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mural No. 2

Another mural was completed for the Egmont Heritage Centre on July 3 by Davyd Oram. The theme for this 4' x 8' mural was "fishing". This time Dave painted at the Centre. The end result was a brightly colored picture of a fishing boat next to the dock. There was music, bbq and a beer garden. Thank goodness the weather turned out nice. The next day was cool and rainy. Once again we lucked out with the weather.
A great group of musicians donated their time and talents to make the day even better. Katie and the Cornpones, Joe Stanton and Gordon Birtch were excellent. Over 100 people enjoyed the day, while around 50 stayed for the seafood bbq of salmon, shrimp, salads and fry bread! Yum!
The proceeds go to the Centre and the totem pole. There will be limited edition prints signed by the artist available in the fall.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aboriginal Art Show - Egmont Heritage Centre

Some beautiful work has been submitted by local Native artists to the art show at the Egmont Heritage Centre. This includes beadwork, carvings, baskets and other cedar weavings, drawings, clothing and felt art.
A reception for the artists was held on Aboriginal Day, June 21. Take a look at some of the work.

Russ Silvey             
                                                                                                             Jessica Casey

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Saturday Murals

A great artist and all-round nice guy, Davyd Oram from Sechelt, BC is painting four murals for the Egmont Heritage Centre. Each mural will be painted on the first Saturday of each month with a theme reflecting Egmont history. They will eventually be incorporated into the museum's outdoor display.

The first painting was done on Egmont Day, June 5.
It was facinating to watch Dave create a 4' x 8' mural in only a few hours. People loved it.

The next mural painting is going to be on July 3 at the Egmont Heritage Centre. While Dave creates there will be music, a bbq and beer garden.

We are busy planning the seafood menu and getting organized.
The plan is to produce limited edition prints signed by the artist to raise funds for the museum.

Will keep you posted!
                                                                                                  Artist Dave and brother George (left)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Egmont Day 2010

After a lot of worrying about the weather and rain, the sun came out and Egmont Day was beautiful. Lots of extra work this year for the volunteers, as the entire event was held in Egmont Park. Spent Friday carrying tables, chairs, canopies, supplies out of hall.It rained for two weeks straight, but Saturday, June 1 was beautiful and sunny. Kids had lots of fun with fishing derby, relay races, cake walk and games.

The Egmont Community Club served over 100 hamburgers, 60 smokies, at least that many hot dogs for lunch and dinner for 75 that evening. There was also the Skookum Burger eating contest, canoe races, a parade and a scavenger hunt. Lots of fun.
What a super group of volunteers, board members and supporters.
But it's one of those things, now I am glad it is over! Whew!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whistler, Zero Waste and the Sunshine Coast

A very busy week last week! Attended the Recycling Council of British Columbia conference in Whistler last week.
The trip started off with sightings of a variety of animals along the highway. Leaving Egmont we had what looked to be a barred owl fly out of the woods and land on a tree branch and watch us drive by. A short time later we slowed as 3 deer made their way alongside the highway. Later on the way up to Whistler, we saw two bears. One was trying to cross the busy highway. Hope he was okay. Did I take any pictures? No! But we did see them.
Stayed in a WorldMark condo with a super view from the balconey. But most of the time was spent at the conference in Whistler. Many excellent speakers on the environment, Zero Waste, etc. I was covering the conference for the online magazine I edit, So check it out for stories and information from the conference coming up in the next issue.
                                                                                       Richard & Jim "Two Old Farts with Ponytails"
There was another Zero Waste workshop on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend sponsored by the group SuCESS. Great speakers and it was an excellent learning experience for many attendees. One of the founders of the Zero Waste International Alliance, Richard Anthony, was the featured speaker. We hosted him for a couple of nights at our place. What a super person. He has been an activist since the '60's and it was fun re-telling stories from "back in the day".
With his guidance we hope to bring the Sunshine Coast to Zero Waste by 2020 or sooner. He is a wealth of information, ideas and energy. He travels all over the world helping other communities realize this Zero Waste goal. Visit his websites: or
Now it is time to get ready for the annual Egmont Day celebration this Saturday. Please no more rain!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Joys of Waterfront Living

Usually it is paradise out here on the Inlet. But the other day a storm rolled in and after SE winds came over the mountain and threw the tops of the trees around, it changed to NW. That is trouble for us as the waves build and it slams into our dock.

The winds howled all night and when we got up in the morning the deck was littered with fir cones, branches and leaves. The dock ramp had broken loose at the top and the poor Expat, our boat, was damaged from hitting against the dock repeatedly.

The boat will have to be re-fiberglassed and the rubber trim replaced. Today a landing barge, The Inlet Raider, came in to lift the ramp and get it reattached. They also delivered our new wood stove which was great.

But as things can go wrong, they did. As they were leaving the Raider's prop caught on a submerged anchor rope. Not knowing this, they pulled away taking the dock with them. They stopped but not until the ramp was moved over and one of the stiff legs came off it's hinges! It took a while, the rope was disengaged from the prop and the ramp had to be realligned. We now have more work to do on the stiff leg.

The guys asked us if that was okay and I teasingly told them "That's all the damage I can afford today!" Everyone kept in good spirits and the guys went off to see the hockey game.

Not everything goes smoothly and you just gotta go with the flow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back in Egmont

Well, we finally made it back to BC! The usual cramped plane ride back to Seattle. The next morning our car wouldn't start. Had to have it towed to the GM dealer and the fuel pump replaced. Did you know that the fuel pump in a Yukon is in the gas tank?! After all day in the dealer's lounge (thank goodness we had our computer) and the cost of more than our trip, we got back on the road to Bellingham around 4 pm.
I had reserved us a 2 bedroom at the WorldMark in Birch Bay so Mason and Krystal could join us. So we spent two days there and had a very nice visit with the kids.
It was nice to get back to Egmont and the Inlet. The weather hadn't improved that much however. Still cold and rainy, but some sunshine to encourage us.

Then the big storm hit on Friday, April 2. We were having an event at the hall when the electricity went out. No clam chowder for the guests. I boated home in very choppy waters until I got around Egmont Point. Jim and friends Laurie and Rick were listening on the marine radio in case I needed help. Once around the point it was fine. Got home just at dark.

Back to Egmont the next day for the Easter Hat Tea. Everyone dressed warm as the electricity was still out in Egmont, so there was no heat. But we had a good time and many people wore decorated hats. This is such a fun, traditional event in Egmont.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas

Jim and I have left the beautiful, but cold and rainy Sunshine Coast, BC, for Texas and the South by Southwest Music and Film Festival in Austin, Texas. We are staying with our good friends Gary and Jody Askins in Salado, Texas.
We left for Austin on Thursday and spent two full days listening to all kinds of music from bands from around the world. We spent Thursday afternoon at the famous Waterloo Records where they held an outdoor concert. We enjoyed music by Ola Podrida, Carrie Rodriguez and The Watson Twins. All were good, but Carrie Rodriguez and band were especially impressive. Her south American influenced bluesy/rock tunes were great and she played a variety of instruments including guitar and violin.
Unexpected and impressive was the solar powered stage and sound system by Sustainable Waves. I ended up interviewing them for the online magazine I edit, Sustainable Coast which deals in environmental and sustainability issues for the Sunshine Coast.
Friday morning we attended the acoustic brunch hosted by BMI and Billboard at the Four Seasons hotel. Great brunch and free open bar. So I enjoyed Bloody Mary's with my music. Heard seventeen year old Cara Salimando, Sam James from Boston and Tommy Reilly from Scotland. Even got a cowboy hat that I will be able to wear to next year's Egmont Saloon night!
Jim and I then decided to go to 6th Street where there are lots of clubs and free music and beer. One place was featuring all Canadian bands for the week. But we decided to go into a club that was featuring international bands. An Australian band was just finishing up and we enjoyed the next band from Mexico, Da Punto Beat. Good rock with a hard-driving bass. All this was presented by Dart Music International which is an Austin-based nonprofit.
There was lots of street music and theatre on 6th Steet. Including a parade through the area by the band Guar. They have been around Austin for a long time and are really something to see in their monster/warrior costumes. A parade of people were following them as they made their way through the streets.They are definately part of the "Keep Austin Weird" scene!
After a brief rest at our hotel, we took the shuttle for the Auditorium Shores outdoor show. This is a huge venue, again free, which showcased the Bodines and Cheap Trick. Super fun.

Returned to Salado on Saturday and that evening we attended the fundraiser for the Temple Literacy Council at the Salado Silver Spur Theater. Gary and Jody read from Robert Fulghum's "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten".  They did a superb job and raised over $5000 for the council! Good going Gary and Jody!

After the show, we went back to their place for wine, food and got to know some of their friends.

Other things we enjoyed, sitting on the deck in the sun looking over the creek, playing with Mork the Wonder Dog and Denver, shopping, eating good food and drinking Texas beer and wine, late night talks about the "old days" and watching movies.

We are already making plans for their visit to see us or maybe meet again in New Orleans next year.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tsunami Warnings and Gold Medals!

After the earthquake in Chili, tsunami warnings went out to the Pacific coastal countries. We got calls from friends, talked to Jim's sister who lives on the Washington coast and waited for the 3:15 pm expected hit. Nothing, nada. A ripple, maybe? If anything, later that evening, the water was as smooth as glass. Beautiful. We are protected here by Vancouver Island and Texada Island from the Pacific Ocean.

On Sunday, the Olympic hockey game did cause major tidal waves! Canada is estatic! After being bummed out for not "owning the podium", they are now too full of themselves.This expat, who just doesn't get hockey, is happy either way. US or Canada. In my mind they both did extremely well. Gold is good and silver ain't bad either.
Thanks to Duane Burnett for the flag design!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Romance is in the air!

Valentine' Day. Jim and I had a quiet celebration at home. I made the traditional gift for him, a batch of homemade fudge that I present in a heart shaped pan. I bought the pan many years ago in Oregon from a bakery that was going out of business, sometime in the '70's. Since that time I have made Jim fudge and presented it to him in that pan.
But romance must really be in the air this year. We received a call from our youngest son, Mason, to wish us a happy Valentine's day and to let us know that he is engaged. My baby! He  placed his fiance's ring in a box of chocolates. How romantic.
But that is not all. Jim's sister, Sherry, called us to say her boyfriend proposed to her at the church. He knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him in front of the whole congregation! How romantic!
This is also my youngest brother and his wife's anniversary. They were married on Valentine's Day. Guess we are just a romantic family.
Love to everyone out there.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympics, who benefits?

The Olympics are finally here in BC. The torch just passed through the Sunshine Coast the other day. Now this is a touchy subject, but I am just not into this money grab scheme. First, I certainly separate the athletes and their hard work from the International Olympic Committee "show".
I love to watch the Olympics and the wonderful competitions. Always have.
But the entire money making part of the equation plus the numerous restrictions and regulations regarding the games, promotion, free speech,  security, etc. has just gone sideways. How can one not think about where else these huge amounts of money could be utilized? Education, housing, food, medical, the list goes on.
And what is up with changing the venue every four years? Yep, lots of developers and corporations and the IOC make lots of money. Who couldn't when you don't have to risk your own money, you use tax dollars from the host city!
Question? Why not have two permanent Olympic sites? One in Greece, home to the original games, for the summer games and another in say Switzerland, where there will be snow, for the winter games? The games are always held there every four years. Seems a no brainer to me.
So as I listen to the politicans defend and ooze with enthusiasm for the Olympics in Vancouver & Whistler I have to keep asking myself who is really benefitting here?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New online magazine, Sustainable Coast

It's late and I have been busy writing all day and evening. Tomorrow is the launch of a new online news magazine for the Sunshine Coast, Sustainable Coast. I am the editor and it is very exciting. The publication will focus on the environment, sustainability and government accountability here on the coast. It is an interactive publication that encourages reader participation. It is published by a new non-profit society, SuCESS, Sunshine Coastal Environmental Sustainability Society.
What a great group of people! Thinkers, activists, writers, doers! It is exciting to be a part of something that may have a hand in making some major changes here on the coast.
Check it out at:
More later, I am so tired.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas and the New Year

Have had a nice holiday at home. Some friends from US visited for a couple of days and went to friend's house in Egmont to watch the JR. Hockey game and exchange gifts. We checked our prawn traps and boated over to their house. Ate prawns, pizza, goodies and drank some great Shiraz & Cabernet! Boated home slowly under the moonlight. Cold but lovely.

Looking forward to a good 2010.