Thursday, April 16, 2009

After a couple of trips south, we are hopefully home to stay for a while. You know spring is really here, but the still cold winds that keep coming our way keeps you confused. The animals are rustling about. Saw our first hummingbirds last week and now have two feeders going with at least six hummers arguing over the nectar.

I have seen signs of herring and the birds and seals are active, so there has to be salmon. We are doing well on prawns. Have to get some in the freezer before the commercial guys come in next month. They will take all the prawns for a month or so. Our four pots can't compete with their forty on a string.

We also have a mink coming on the back porch. He has found the cat door and the cat's food. Starting to be a nuisance, so we put out the live trap. We will relocate him further down the inlet.
He's a beautiful chocolate brown and about 2 feet long. Would love to get a picture, but he moves too fast.

Here is my spring poem:

You Know It’s Spring at Jervis Inlet When…………

You Know It’s Spring at Jervis Inlet

When the daffodils bloom in the garden.

When you don’t need to start a fire in the morning.

When the hummingbirds return and fight over the feeders.

When the frogs emerge at the pond and croak their mating songs.

When the wild currant bushes bloom their bright, hot pink flowers.

When the merganser family returns and begins nesting.

When you can see the gray rock through the snow on Mt. Churchill.

When the slugs are back in the garden.

When the cruise boats return to head up the Inlet to Princess Louisa.

When our traps are full of large, plump prawns.

When the eagles perch once again on their favorite tree.

When the dog wants to spend the night outside.

When you have to change to a short-sleeved shirt in the afternoon.

When friends come and visit because it is a perfect boating day.

When you quit working and just spend some time on the deck soaking up the warm rays of the sun!

BDSaunders 2004