Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympics, who benefits?

The Olympics are finally here in BC. The torch just passed through the Sunshine Coast the other day. Now this is a touchy subject, but I am just not into this money grab scheme. First, I certainly separate the athletes and their hard work from the International Olympic Committee "show".
I love to watch the Olympics and the wonderful competitions. Always have.
But the entire money making part of the equation plus the numerous restrictions and regulations regarding the games, promotion, free speech,  security, etc. has just gone sideways. How can one not think about where else these huge amounts of money could be utilized? Education, housing, food, medical, the list goes on.
And what is up with changing the venue every four years? Yep, lots of developers and corporations and the IOC make lots of money. Who couldn't when you don't have to risk your own money, you use tax dollars from the host city!
Question? Why not have two permanent Olympic sites? One in Greece, home to the original games, for the summer games and another in say Switzerland, where there will be snow, for the winter games? The games are always held there every four years. Seems a no brainer to me.
So as I listen to the politicans defend and ooze with enthusiasm for the Olympics in Vancouver & Whistler I have to keep asking myself who is really benefitting here?