Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrr !!

After such a beautiful fall, winter has now come on strong. We woke to a light snow the other morning. It is dipping below 0 degrees C here and strong 30-40 mph winds have been heading down the inlet from the north. That has created even colder wind chill temperatures and 4 ft. waves. These waves have washed over our boat's stearn and our bilge pump couldn't keep up. Fortunately Jim found out the boat cabin was holding water and we managed to get it pumped out before disaster struck. We ended up moving our boat around to the other side of the dock so it was more protected from the northern winds and waves. Not a fun job on a bobbing dock in strong cold winds! Had to retie bouys, ropes, etc. But the Expat seems to be doing fine now.

The winds have died down a bit and the temperature says 33 F this afternoon. But the weather report says colder and snow expected. We are keeping the propane heater going and the wood stove. And to think that we used to live in Oregon at 1400 ft. and dealt with this all the time!

Guess this should put us in the Christmas mode. We are going out for a Christmas tree today. I have my cards done and the US presents sent off. I got my Christmas shopping done in the US during the Thanksgiving holidays where we spent a week with our sons.

Egmont celebrates Christmas this week. Community Club members will meet at the community hall on Wednesday to decorate and the annual Christmas dinner for the community is on Friday. May not make that this year as it is so cold and I do not want to boat home in the dark.

Off to pick out a tree in the forest behind our place and maybe do some Christmas baking.