Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mural No. 2

Another mural was completed for the Egmont Heritage Centre on July 3 by Davyd Oram. The theme for this 4' x 8' mural was "fishing". This time Dave painted at the Centre. The end result was a brightly colored picture of a fishing boat next to the dock. There was music, bbq and a beer garden. Thank goodness the weather turned out nice. The next day was cool and rainy. Once again we lucked out with the weather.
A great group of musicians donated their time and talents to make the day even better. Katie and the Cornpones, Joe Stanton and Gordon Birtch were excellent. Over 100 people enjoyed the day, while around 50 stayed for the seafood bbq of salmon, shrimp, salads and fry bread! Yum!
The proceeds go to the Centre and the totem pole. There will be limited edition prints signed by the artist available in the fall.