Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer's End

Another summer, another season, another good time with friends and family, now only memories.
As usual, I have been busy and will post the summer recap.


Summer began with a busy Egmont schedule. June 6 was Egmont Day. Lot's of organizing as I am active in the Egmont Community Club which sponsors the annual celebration. A parade, bbq, dinner, relay races, canoe races, burger eating contest......lot's of fun for the families.

Egmont Parade Katy & the Cornpones band Community Club bbq

We had an Aboriginal Art show at the Egmont Heritage Centre to showcase our local Native artists. Some of them wore their Native traditional dress and the work was beautiful. Quite a diverse group with carvers, basket weavers, felt artists and painters.

The Egmont Fire Dept. became operational in June and they gave an open house which was well attended. The local volunteer firefighters have been working hard for years to get their fire house built and ready. Congratulations!


Can't keep good friends apart for too long! Gary and Jody and their son Cooper and wife Stephanie came up for a visit. It was Cooper and Stephanie's first time in BC and they loved the inlet. But they are off to Africa in only a couple of weeks time. Stephanie who works with aids education will take a job their through her university. Cooper, a teacher, will go with her and find his own adventure, I'm sure. They are a lovely couple and great people.

Gary and Jody got to stay with us for a week and we had a great time. Lot's of stories to tell, reading, talking about our kids, cooking on the bbq. Not too much boating as that isn't one of Jody's favorite things! But she is a good sport. She is also a persistent photographer and with much patience managed to get this photo of a hummingbird at the feeder.This little one stayed with us most of the summer and got quite used to us. She would come up and touch the red hibiscus flowers on my caftan as I sat on the deck with my morning coffee.


Another busy month that started out with our nephew Michael visiting us from Oregon. He was here two summers ago. Now at 15 he is 6'3"!! He had a great visit renewing friendships he made last time, fishing, helping us around the place and learning to row the skiff. Great kid. Can't wait for him to come back next summer.

August 15 is Jim's birthday and we had a bbq and invited a few friends. Jessica is also a Leo so we celebrated her birthday too.

A friend and Egmont carver, Arnie Jones, has been commissioned to carve a 24 ' totem pole for the Egmont Heritage Centre. A group of summer camp students from the Pender Harbour Community School visited one morning. They toured the museum and watched Arnie carve on the totem pole. Michael was here and got to see this interesting project too.

The next day, we headed south. Jim stayed in Washington to work on the fishing season while Corbin, Michael and I took a rode trip down to Albany, Oregon where Michael lives. It was great to visit my brother and his wife Jennifer and other son Joseph. It was also great to get to be with Corbin and catch up with him.
On the return trip, we stopped in Portland to visit with old friends before heading back to Bellingham.