Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer's On!

With the advent of warm weather here on the Coast, summer is on! Time for swimming in the inlet, watching the wildlife and barbeques on the deck. Also time for our summer visitors. We have had friends and family from Texas and Oregon so far this summer. The prawning has been good and oysters from the beach delicious.

The eagles have taken up residence along the shoreline. When we were boating home the other day we counted five eagles in the trees. When we got to the dock, there were two eagles sitting side-by-side in the fir tree above the deck. They really didn't pay us too much attention as we tied up to the dock and unloaded the boat. The eagles and ravens usually wake us in the mornings with their calls and hunting screeches.

Yesterday the mother merganser duck was by with her seven duckings. The hummingbirds are here demanding their sugar water each day. I have decided that two feeders is all they will get from me this year. I had someone tell me the other day that one cup of sugar water feeds 60 hummingbirds. If so, then my two feeders a day are feeding over 100 birds! Can that be so? The butterflies are also abundant this year.

We always have some seals popping up their heads in the water around the house. But last week I witnessed an unusual sight. As I looked out over the water I noticed a couple of seals peering out of the water and looking toward shore. Nothing unusual. Then I noticed another and another. There were around 20 seals peering at me from the water. Now this is the first time I have ever seen that many seals at once. Figured that they were finding a lot of fish for dinner off our point. They stayed around for a couple of hours, so the fishing must have been good.

It has really been hot here. Around 90 degrees, but today there is a cooling breeze and it is much more bearable to be outside. Of course, only a couple of months ago we were all complaining about the rain and cold weather. I guess we complain because we can.