Monday, July 25, 2011

Not a Gardening Year!

Bok choy in recycled styro boxes
Good intentions and what I thought was a great start to gardening this season have all been for naught. I planted peas twice. Either the bluejays ate them or they rotted in the ground because it was so wet. Bok choy and lettuce  did okay. The broad beans are looking good, but that's about it. The tomato and pepper plants are growing very slowly. Some blossoms, but there just hasn't been enough sunshine and warm temperatures to bring on the fruit.
I did get a first flush of strawberries, but again not enough warmth. When we went down to Washington state last month it should have been the peak of strawberry season. But the crop was late. Too much rain and grey skies.
My favorite pink rose bush that just blooms it's heart out!
Not giving up though. Will plant second crops of greens and beans since they are the ones doing well.
Meanwhile the herbs and flowers seem to been doing fine. Have an abundance of chives, sage, thyme and some lovely flowers on the deck. So can't complain.