Friday, October 29, 2010

Community Projects Completed!

Been a busy summer and I am happy to report that two major  community projects I have been working on are completed!

Arnie with Bella and Ali carrying eagle w
Frog face on whale tail

The new 24 ft. pole at the Centre is fantastic. Arnie did a wonderful job. Two seasons of carving a cedar log donated by the Sechelt Community Forest. Arnie's clan is the frog. So he has carved three frogs in his memorial pole.  The pole is centered at the entrance to the museum and will have a native plant garden surrounding it.
Arnie painting killer whale

me, Arnie, Jess and Sonja

The Egmont Community Club Hall - hall foundation and renovation

New cedar shake porch roof. New porch comes later!
This has been a long process for the community. Started raising funds five years ago. Lots of raffles and other fund raising projects raised over $50,000 from the community. Grants from Heritage Legacy Fund $25,000 and Jervis Inlet fund / SCRD another $25,000. We have a perimeter, cement foundation now, a basement room that will become our Thrift Store and restored old windows and a new porch cedar shake roof. Whew! Now will enter Phase II - paint inside and out, kitchen reno, heater, and moving Thrift Store downstairs. More fundraising!!